High performance virtual private servers

Name CPU Memory Storage Network Port Bandwidth Price
VPS-1 1 vCPU2.4Ghz+ 1GB 20GB NVMe 1Gbps Shared 4TB


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VPS-2 1 vCPU2.4Ghz+ 2GB 30GB NVMe 1Gbps Shared 10TB


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VPS-3 1 vCPU2.4Ghz+ 3GB 40GB NVMe 1Gbps Shared 14TB


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VPS-4 2 vCPUs2.4Ghz+ 4GB 50GB NVMe 1Gbps Shared 18TB


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VPS-5 2 vCPUs2.4Ghz+ 6GB 60GB NVMe 1Gbps Shared 22TB


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VPS-6 4 vCPUs2.4Ghz+ 8GB 80GB NVMe 1Gbps Shared 26TB


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VPS-7 4 vCPUs2.4Ghz+ 16GB 100GB NVMe 1Gbps Shared 30TB


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Fancy features you get for totally free.

premium network

7-Day Refund Policy

We aim to ensure that you are fully satisfied with our services through our 7-Day Refund Policy, providing peace of mind in your decision

Enterprise Hardware

Enterprise Hardware

We run certified and customized hardware tailored to each customer group individually to ensure the best performance

Blazing Fast Network

Blazing Fast Network

Our network consists of enterprise quality network hardware ensuring the lowest possible latency, and an overall stable connection.

instant setup

Instant Setup

Our system will automatically deploy and configure your server on our nodes in just minutes after receiving your payment


NVMe Drives

Most of our systems use NVMe SSDs, which are more than seven times faster than traditional SSDs, translating to reduced loading times

24/7 support

24/7 Support

Our dedicated in-house support team is available round the clock to provide help with any difficulties you may encounter with our products